Calls for submissions are on hold, but please check back for updates

Please send all submissions to Julie.

"track list" is a 1/4-page format zine compiling stories about road trips and the mixed tapes that get you where you wanna go--nonfiction only, please, because yeah, I love fiction, but people always take their true, personal stories for granted. You can put together a few songs (a short list) or choose a song and write down each/the song's significance, realized/noted while driving. Photo documentary that transfers to black and white is welcome, but it'll be a quarter-format zine again, so they shouldn't be too detailed. Any related, b/w, high-contrast art is welcome. I can work with any format--the higher the resolution, the better. I have no solid deadline; when I have enough stories, I'll call it done. Please check back here for status reports.


"ghost #2" is a 1/4-page format zine compiling true ghost stories--no fiction, please! Stories can be second-hand, but not made up. The tentative deadline is September 2006.

rock scissors paper is a huge stack of zines and chapbooks I put together with a whole lotta help from a whole bunch of very talented contributors poets, illustrators, photographers, writers, journalists, etc. For more info, just ask:

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