ghost, fourth printing
Compiling true ghost stories in 1/4-page format
44 pages (2 oz.)
Excerpt: Marilyn would hear Aiden laughing hysterically in the next room, then babble in his baby talk and play around with his toys. She'd walk in to check on him, and he'd look at her, grin happily, and say, "Little girl! Little girl!" and point to where nothing was sitting next to him.

[But sometimes,] Marilyn would see the little long-haired girl running around out of the corner of her eye, dressed in an old-style dress. Even though she told me she was friendly, she told me she sometimes get very scared in her own home, running down the hall into her bedroom when she was alone. Before the first time I ever visited, I told her how excited I was at the prospect of seeing her. Marilyn replied, "If you want to see her, she'll let you."


View--Work in progress.
A look out every window I've ever lived behind
Estimated 24 pages

Somber search for self-satisfaction (body dysmorphic disorder)
20 pages
Excerpt: I always had this fear that I'd break them. That happened to a girl once in PE while we were playing soccer. I'd never known you could break those things. Really, I'd never paid much mind to their existence at all. Now there they were, broken through the skin, screaming white at the sky, fearing their exposed existence. Despite that, I was suddenly aware of their very elegance.


cut #1
What happened during the first 90 days of recovery from self-injurious behavior.
1/4-page format
24 pages
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Excerpt: I'm remembering all the sweet and all the bitter things that were said tonight with equal viciousness--all those things she said that were right and that were wrong. The wrong things are already cocooning the right things up in sticky silk and sucking the juice out. Things like, "If I'd met you before Michelle, she wouldn't've had a snowball's chance in hell." As it is, I'm melting much more slowly than I thought I ever would, but it wouldn't be hell if the release were quick, would it?


cut #2
What happened during the first 90 days of recovery from self-injury.
40 pages