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BirlZine! Issue 4, Volume 1, Fall 2005
8 1/2 x 7, 28 pages, oz
Contributors: Adrianne, A.M., Annie Aarons, Brittany Dunning, Calli, Carly, Drew, Jaime, Jets, Kate, Kayden Healy, Max, Mar99, Maya Rrrr, Ote, Skye, and Trish; Cover of Jessie Matthews.
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BirlZine! Issue 3, Volume 1, Summer 2005
8 1/2 x 7, 28 pages, oz
Contributors: Annie Aarons, Brittany Dunning, Jaime, Jessica Phelps, darkfemme, harpreet kaur, Jaime/Ryan, Jayden, Kayden, Kris Lee, Laura, Max Siegel, Maya Rrrr, Merissa, Nicole Luna, Steffi, Tyler, and Ythan
Donors get a free birls button. Woot!
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BirlZine! Issue 2, Volume 1, Spring 2005
8 1/2 x 7, 32 pages, oz
Contributors: Aiden, Alyssa Casillas, Annie Aarons, Brittany Dunning, Christine D. Chilingerian, H. Greaves, Jaime, Jen Brett, Jessica LaFrank, Julie S., Kayden Healy, Kristie Badrigian, kristin superhero, Maya Rrrr, Nicole Luna, Nik Scarlett, Rachel DiSaia, and Steffi
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BirlZine! Issue 1, Volume 1, Winter 2004
8 1/2 x 7, 24 pages, 2 oz
Second Edition
Contributors: Calli Baroni, Ellen, Jessica LaFrank, Julie Elefante, H. Greaves, Rachel DiSaia, Rebecca Noland, Shelly, and Steffi
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Free PDF of Issue 1!

BirlZine! is a nonprofit zine. All donations go into the printing and postage fund so we can send the zine to those who can't access the PDFs and can't afford postage.Need a hardcopy? Send me your mailing address; someone was kind enough to donate a stamp to get one to you. ;)

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BirlZine! is a compilation zine of personal writing, essays, poetry, photography, art, news, and resources for and by boyish girls (birls) who enjoy riding the gender wave and don�t let their gender dictate how to act. A birl can be a hetero tomboy, an FTM, or anyone in between. This is a safe space for birls to share our work and find relevant news and resources.


Ways you can help:

*BirlZine! needs attention! If you have a copy or when you get a copy, pass it around. Tell people where and how to find it and what it's all about. It's meant to be a resource, a positive outlet for our artists and writers, and a way to get positive attention for our community. Also, if you know of local bookstores, music stores, coffee shops, comic book shops, conferences, clubs, and organizations (especially high school/college) around you who might be able to use BirlZine as a resource, please help me get in touch with them!

BirlZine! has flyers that you can print out and distribute for us! For teeny ones that you can hand out personally, open this PDF.
For bigger ones you can leave around, open this PDF.

Print out, copy, and fold BirlZine! small into quarters and hand them out to your friends!

BirlZine! supports these artists:
Gender Queer Ink

BirlZine! is also available at Assimilate This zine distro based out of Portland and You're Insane Honey Distro.