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It will take up to 48 hours to upload new participants, so please be patient. I'll group you by state so maybe you can find a buddy!

Participants in red have completed their zine!
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name: Lily R.
zine size: 1/2 size (letter)

name: Candyce
city: Fort Smith
zine size: At least 24 pages, actual format undecided...I want to be spontaneous!
Personal challenge: Use some sort of alternate binding (not staples) and incorporate at least one other element (besides paper) into the overall design. Something a little artsier than my usual fare.

name: Bob
city: Mesa
date: 10 pm, May 19 to 10 pm, May 20
size/challenge: 8x8, folded tri-angularly, so each zine is a triangle

name: Cass
city: Ahwatukee

name: Julie
city: Tempe
challenge: quarter-size, no-computer layout (not counting word processing unless I can get my old Brother typewriter up and running)

name: Hannah G.
zine goals:I want to make a second issue of my perzine, because the first issue came out almost a year ago. Now that I"ve seen lots more zines in different styles, I'd like to make it a lot more interesting, with more art, and more creative little aspects to make it more cool. I'd like to expand it to maybe make it thicker and larger and with more content as well. Last time it was only about 32 pages, I think.

name: Violet
city: Fortuna
size/goal: three 24 page 16th sized zines in a handmade envelope.
date: july 16

name: breaunna k.
city: fresno
size: 1/2 zine

name: Jenny
city: Irvine
Size: 24 pages, half size--unless I pass out midway, in which case it'll be 1/4

name: Claude
city: Long Beach

name: annie
city: San Francisco
size/goal: a 1/2 size zine with writing and collages

name: Alice Dee
city: San Jose
size/personal challenge goal: 1/2 sized, use every peice of white space on the papers.

name: Joyous Ladi
city: San Jose
challenge: get my ramble on written paper typed up, since my handwriting isn't so readable when I ramble for over 2 hours.

name: Sage
city: Acworth
size: half-size

name: jessaruh

name: Sybelle
city: Forsyth
zine size: 1/4 letter size
personal challenge: to use no staples, and to take any photos and draw any art that's used in it during the 24 hours

name: Fawne
city: Thomaston
preferred zine-size/personal challenge goal: draw and write everything. no typing. i'll only use one sheet of paper for the layout. i also want to only make a certian number of copies, say 100, and once they're gone, they're gone

name: lex
city: Chicago
size/goals: 4.25 x 11. Hand-stitched, since I can't find my long-arm stapler. Each page illustrated. Sans computer.

Name: Alysia
City: Bangor
size/goals: 24 pages at least. Not quite decided on size yet. To actually follow through with this. To make an interesting zine.

Name: SaraEllen
City: Bethesda
size/goals: 1/4 or 1/8; To make something truly spontaneous, handwritten but ENTIRELY LEGIBLE, with only my own illustrations. Do it before the end of exams.

name: Poppy Arakelian
lj username: tezzkatt
city: Haverhill
size/goal: 1/2 size....hmmm...personal challenge goal, I'm thinking that trying to do zine in 24 hours all while taking care of my almost two year old will be enough of a challenge ;) I've only made two zines before anyway...one during a 48 hour zine challenge last spring.

name: jami
city: ferndale
size/goals: 1/4 size because aesthetically I don't like 1/2 size, plus probably couldn't do a 1/2 zine in a year much less a day. personal, with NO POLITICS. creative layout, white space ok, but must be part of the design. At least two articles that occupy more than one page.

name: xtina lloyd
city: willis
preferred size: 1/8
topic: sex/erotica

name: Kaylan
city: Troy
size/goal: 1/4, Get back into zine-ing--this will be the first zine I've completed in 3+ years!

name: Rachel Mischief
city: Minneapolis
size/goal: 1/4 size, and hopefully i'll be able to get some other people to join me here so we can drink caffeine, cook for each other, and collapse in a big slumber party heap at the end. also, i'd like to use some sort of sewn binding

New York
name: Sarah Bee
city: Islip
size: 1/4-legal

name: Gina
lj username: trip_tych
city: Ithaca
size: 1/4

name: mouse
city: Long Island
size/goal: im not really sure of the size-- whatever comes to mind when i make it! i hope to make a zine thats really interesting through writing and art. and..really fun to read!

name: Brooke
city: Schenectady
state: New York

name: Steve
city: Schenectady
size/goals: I thought I would challenge my self with a political/rant type zine which will be cut and paste, some collage, etc. Haven't decided on a size, yet. Maybe 1/2, maybe 1/4.

name: Lily
city: Cincinnati (Though that might change by the deadline)
size/challenge: 1/4 probably. No using old writing

name: angeline
city: Cleveland
size/challenge: 1/4 zine (i usually make 1/2. so the new format will be a challenge)

name: bri zine
city: Cleveland
size: quarter-sized

name: Casey
city: Cleveland

name: Danny White
lj name: rubber_room
city: Washington Court House
size: 1/2 page sized zine

name: Rory
lj: dorsia
city: OKC
size & goal: 1/4 size perzine

name: Anis
city: Portland

Name: Nicole Rabiega
City: Ephrata
Size/Goal: I've never been able to sit down and complete a zine before, so my goal is to not only finish a zine, but to make a whopper at half legal size.

name: Raequel
city: norristown

Name: Taryn Hipp
City: Warrington
size: half size

name: Rebekah
city: Philadelphia

name: Rin
city: Philadelphia
size: quarter-size

name: Casey
website: www.myspace.com/caseyclaybourne
city: denton
size/goal: Quarter-size
starting date: May 27th at 2 p.m.

name: Mandy Metts
city: Denton
goal: full-size

name: Stephanie Scarborough
city: Fort Worth

name: Heather
lj username: yardenxanthe
city: Houston

name: Cas Podish
size/goal: I wanna do it digest size and my goal is to do a fanzine on horror movies

name: Jennifer Darling
city: Danville

name: Nicole Introvert
city: Richmond
size: 1/4 size

name: Jessalin
city: Anacortes
size/goal Oversize; no/minimal text

name: Sarah Lust
city: Olympia
size/gaol: 1/4 Size; With going back to school + work, I've been starting a lot of stuff but not completing it. My goal is to get an entire zine of awesome-ness DONE!

name: Erica
city: Seattle
zine size: quarter-sized
personal challenge: avoid writing about politics.

name: Hannah D. Forman
city: Seattle
zine size/goal: In 24 hours I would like to record all the thoughts I have, take pictures of the things I encounter... I don't want to use typical staples but rather a more creative form of binding. Most of all Idon't have any goal or set standard. This all may change. I want to create in the moment and see what happens!

name: hazel pine
city: seattle
size: half size zine

name: Gianna Morrill
City/State: Spokane
Size/Goal: i think a 1/4 size zine and a my goal is to compleate it and do anything i possibly con to make it up to my high standards.

name: Miranda Hale
city: Spokane
size/goal: Quarter-sized zine. My personal challenge is to make a zine that is at least somewhat happy/fun for once.

name: Ryan
city: Grafton
size: 1/2 letter, most likely

name: jessica bublitz
city: milwaukee
preferred zine size: probably 1/4 size

name: jess c. duggan
location: milwaukee, wisconsin
preferred zine size: 1/2 letter
personal challenge: i'm going to attempt to make my zine 100% fictional

name: Jessica W
city: Racine

name: Maria
city: Buenos Aires
size: half, A4 paper

name: Courtney
LJ: Shiftybob
city: Adelaide
size: 1/2

name: Candace
city: Melbourne
size: 1/4-sized

name: Jade
city: Reynella
zine size: 1/2 letter

name: Sam
city/province: Victoria, BC
preferred zine size: 1/4 size

name: erin o'reilly-doxsee
place: bradford, ontario, canada
size: maybe 1/4 size, i do like little zines

name: Heather Mac
city: Hamilton, Ontario
zine size: page
personal goal: to SIMPLY finish!

name: Elsa
city/province: Peterborough, Ontario
personal zine challenge: i'm going to do a 1/4 size but focusing on the use of white space...this is something i've been thinking about....

name: Lindsay
city/province: Mississauga, Ontario
size: 1/4 sized

name: Alice Robison
city/country: Cramlington
preferred zine size: 24-page half-size zine

name: Janet Wilkinson
city: Hartlepool
size/goals: No idea. However it comes.

name: alex
lj: turnedoffneon
city: london
size: probably be 1/4 sized,cout be 1/2 sized

name: Chella Wall
city: Sheffield
size: 1/4 size
deadline: lunchtime Friday 3 June 2005!

New Zealand
name: Nicole
country: New Zealand
goal: to make a 1/2 or 1/4 size and all the text will be handwritten as well as hand drawn pictures.

name: Michael Bush
size/goal: Still haven't decided on a format, although I should imagine there will be shitloads of glitter involved along the way.

Name: Charles Riverleaf / Carlos Rioja
City: Irun-Txingudi
State: Gipuzkoa (Country: Spain)
Preferred zine-size: 1/8 (A7?)
Personal challenge/goal: This will be a per-zine about my profession,
the end of the youth and the decisions I must make soon. 24 hours: Saturday 9th 23:00 - Sunday 10th 23:00 (completed 20:30 in the evening)
Site: www.bulletrain.net

name: emma haapanen
city/country: marsta
preferred size: half-size

name: Jude
size: 1/4 size

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