rock scissors paper

Issue 2:
Submissions Deadline: February 28, 2005
Shipping Deadline: March 31, 2005

Issue 3:
Submissions Deadline: May 31, 2005
Shipping Deadline: June 30, 2005

Issue 4:
Submissions Deadline: August 31, 2005
Shipping Deadline: September 30, 2005

Issue 5:
The Drag King Culture Issue
Submissions Deadline: November 30, 2005
Shipping Deadline: December 31, 2005

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BirlZine! is a compilation zine of personal writing, essays, poetry, photography, art, news, and resources for and by boyish girls (birls) who enjoy riding the gender wave and don’t let their gender dictate how to act. Birls include the range from hetero tomboys to FTMs and everyone in between. This is a safe space for birls to show their black-and-white art and photography; share their poems, essays, and personal stories; and find news, reviews, and resources.

BirlZine! is currently actively accepting submissions!

* Art, comics, and photography, black-and-white only—preferably high-contrast pieces.

* Personal stories (really important), essays, fiction, plays, rants, or poetry.

* Birl-interest articles, including GLBTQ news, famous birls to watch out for, activism, how-to guides (how to make the perfect pompadour, how to bind, how to use the women’s bathroom without getting kicked out—-JEESH!), etc.

* Resources, Reviews, and Recommendations, including GLBTQ sites; book, movie, zine, magazine, and music recommendations (artists we can support!) and reviews; news about conferences and drag king shows, etc.

* Really any relevant material that can be reproduced in a black-and-white, photocopied format. I would also like to include bonus items like CDs if you're a musician or spoken word artist who wants to get your work out there. I can't pay you for your stuff, but I can promise that it will be distributed to the audience you're trying to reach!

Upcoming BirlZine! themes will focus on drag kings, FTMs, genderqueers, body modifications, and activism. Please send your material on these themes, as well as ideas for future themes!

BirlZine! is a nonprofit zine, paid for and distributed with funds out of its editor’s pocket. Contributors are paid in copy. Until production costs get out of hand, the only cost to the public is shipping and handling, at least until production costs get out of hand. For more information, please contact Julie at or and visit